Tried making Shishio, Suzume and Mamura on The Sims 3. Had to get a little creative with the hair choices but they kinda sorta work I think. 

What If: Hirunaka no Ryuusei was adapted into an anime? What would its theme song be?

Arifureta Jinsei (An Ordinary Life) by Spitz. This song has always been the first on my list when I imagine my dream HnR anime adaption. I know it’s a shoujo series and would probably be better off with a light pop-ish tune or something with a soft female’s voice, but this is nice too. For some odd reason, I feel the power of Shizume radiating from it. It’s probably just me. Maybe when I have time (and find the right animation program), I’ll make a little mock-opening to this for the hell of it.

Here are the translated lyrics:

I was searching for an ordinary life 
Because I don’t want to get hurt 
The time is spend with you is too short 
I wonder if it will hold even until next week

Aah, my heart seem to be withering, I want to see you 
I can’t wait anymore, I can’t wait anymore than this 
And I won’t be able to sleep again tonight

My fruitless effort was being forgiven 
Illusions are scary things 
I’ll be able to take refuge in my small room 
Switching on and off the colors

Aah, sometimes I can hear that voice 
I can’t wait anymore, I can’t wait anymore than this 
I trace the letters with my eyes, because it begins again

Aah, I want to see you, even if it’s a dream, I want to see you 
I can’t wait anymore, I can’t wait anymore than this 
I understand, but I can’t change

What If: Hirunaka no Ryuusei was adapted into a live-action drama?

Shishio’s the first victim.

I’m a huge HnR fan and have only seen one show in which Mukai starred, but for some reason I can only imagine Shishio being portrayed by him.